Friday, July 27, 2007

Elite IT Services and Avaya

Elite IT Services, now an Avaya Business Partner is proving itself to be a great ally for the small business owner.

Now that we are a fully imersed in the telecomm world Elite IT is saving businesses hundreds if not thousands of dollars over there current providers.
With the help of Avaya's new IP OFFICE product line, businesses are now able to route internal calls to anywhere over the internet saving them hundreds in additional line services. For those organizations who have more than one or two employees working from home it is well worth looking into as an alternative to buying additional business lines.

Comming Soon.....

Our website will feature full detail and info about all the newest Avaya products and features.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Elite IT Makes Local Headlines

Check out this months issue of Bergen Health & Life magazine. Where our very own Al Salerno is featured in a short "How-To" section on laptop repair. (Click Image to Enlarge)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

IT Community Awaits Microsoft Vista!!

Everyone is waiting in great anticipation for the new Microsoft OS called Vista. But is the hype worth its weight in a better operating system?

We feel time will tell. There are plenty of great features and resources that Windows XP can still offer the Small Business user. Our sources say to wait untill at least the first revision of the OS before even considering an upgrade.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Elite IT Services attends Small Business Technology Boot Camp

The day spent at this conference was eye opening to say the least. We will definitely pass allot of new ideas and concerns onto our customers, thanks to this informative session.
We'd like to thank the people at The SBTI (Small Business Technology Institute) for all there great speakers and their mutual mission of supporting the small business community.
The topics covered:
1. Productivity - How well does your technology work for you?
2. Operations - The technology that can make or break your bottom line.
3. Finance - Taking bean counting to a whole new level.
4. Marketing- Got a website?? Does anyone know its out there?
5. Management- Does your technology follow an entire transaction or just one part of it?

Where do you think your company's concerns are the greatest?...Let us know and well give you the inside scoop on sub topics covered in this seminar.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Welcome to our new Blog

Welcome to Elite IT Services new blogger.

Here we will post all types of technology solutions and topics which may help your business or home solve everyday problems with technology. We encourage you to post as often as you may to ask questions or inquire about anything you need answers too. Of course anything that is pressing or an emergency we suggest you contact our Help Desk.
We feel our customers should have the opportunity to learn about the technology that many are forced to use because of their business needs. However we have discovered that the more our customers learn from us what technology is about and how it works, the easier it is for us to help them use it, fix it and teach them more. Its a symbiotic relationship which we feel separates our customers from those who just have their computers serviced.
So lets get post a comment for this discussion or question simply click here. Or at the bottom of every new post where it says "Comments".